Shadowrun Returns reveals 19 minutes of gameplay

Ten months after receiving a whopping $1.9 million from fans to make Shadowrun Returns, Jordan Weisman's HareBrained Schemes has revealed the cyberpunk-fantasy RPG in a 19-minute gameplay walkthrough. Weisman and co-founder Mitch Gitelman show off a squad of shadowrunners talking, shooting and summoning their way through one mission and gosh, it's good to see.

The video shows one side-mission from an alpha build, so do bear in mind that it's not finished. Still, you'll learn about how stats, disguises and behaviour can affect conversations, hidden alternate approaches to missions, casting spells, summoning dangerous spirits, and shooting, shooting, shooting. It's quite pretty, too.

HBS also released the very first actual, proper screenshots.

Shadowrun Returns is due on PC and Mac in "early summer," with a Linux version to follow.