OUYA consoles shipping in late December

The Android-powered OUYA console is on track to send out its first consoles by the end of the year, and the company has shared a few more details about its planned console roll-out. The consoles are being referred to as developer consoles, but the full consumer versions later will allow development as well. They're set to ship out on December 28 for those who backed the Kickstarter, and will arrive within a few days.

The OUYA site also notes that the first consoles to go out will have some extra goodies, as well as a revised version of Android Jellybean aimed at optimizing it for a big screen. On December 25, those who ordered the console will get a link to activate their account and gain their preferred usernames. If two or more people claimed a popular name, OUYA will grant it to the person who backed it first.

Game developers who didn't snag a first run of the console will be able to use a web portal to download the development kit and upload games to the OUYA service. And those who want an OUYA username can get it after Christmas as well.