Star Citizen ends crowdfunding with $6.2 million

Chris Roberts' ambitious space sim Star Citizen has completed its push for cash, gathering more than $6.2 million from Kickstarter and pledges on its official Roberts Space Industries site. The combined total makes it the largest crowdfunded game to date.

The RSI site now forwards to a thank you note, with promises of further updates in a few days. "We will also be launching new sections which have been in the works for some time: the Galactapedia will tell you more about the Star Citizen world, Engineering will introduce you to game mechanics that are being planned and Holovids will offer you video footage from the game as it takes shape."

The funding, which easily surpassed the the previous crowdfunding record of $4 million that fantasy RPG Project Eternity garnered for Obsidian Entertainment, kicked into overdrive during the weekend, with an announcement late Friday that the game had passed the $4.1 million barrier. But by early today, funding had passed the $5.5 million barrier, ensuring the last stretch goal of the largest player-operated ship, the Bengal Carrier. The funding also ensures additional capital Roberts secured to fund the game, which will be specifically aimed at high-end PCs.

In case you missed it, the development team at Cloud Imperium Games released two more soundless work-in-progress videos, the first showing how the concept art for the spaceport was evolving in-game, and the second giving a little more of a glimpse of the game's AI.

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