Curiosity PC edition may not happen

The past three days have been the most satisfying in the entire lives of iOS and Android gadgeteers, since Peter Molyneux's Curiosity launched early. "What's inside the cube?" The question that drives us all. We wake up screaming it. We form mashed potato into gigantic cubes. Pity the poor PCnauts, who have yet to reawaken in this new world, and may never, unless 22Cans can get some support.

PC was one of Curiosity's billed platforms, but 22Cans is run ragged just by the iOS and Android editions. It seems there an awful lot of people tapping away on that cube, hoping to be the one who reaches the center and discovers the surprise Molyneux claims will "change your life forever." Even iOS platformholder Apple doesn't know what it is.

"We would love to do a PC version," Molyneux told Rock, Paper, Shotgun, "but we are currently snowed under by the number of people using the Curiosity experiment (coming up to one million ) in a few days. This is pushing our servers to the limit. We are currently all surviving on less than three hours sleep a night. I guess if we could find a publisher who could take on the work of a PC version we could consider it."