Molyneux's Curiosity launched a day early

Curiouser and curiouser, Peter Molyneux and 22Can's experimental cube-clicker Curiosity was released ahead of schedule this morning. It was due to arrive tomorrow morning at 22 minutes past midnight, in reference to the studio's name, but a slip means we can all get on with the undoubtedly underwhelming experience of clicking on a cube to see what's inside sooner.

The iOS edition is live now for free, but we're still waiting on PC and Android. 22Cans is trying to push the latter out today.

"That was a surprise. Apple release Curiosity earlier than we expected," Molyneux said on Twitter. "Just looked at Curiosity stats its all going crazy. Messages, tapping 24million cubes destroyed in 4 hours. I NEED TO GET HOME!!!" he followed-up, adding "I wish i could teleport home!!"

Curiosity - what's inside the cube, to use the full name, is a big old cube made of squillions of tiny cubes, which ever player in the world is tapping away on to clear layers and find what's inside. Or to scrawl obscenities and draw genitalia. Co-operation is a beautiful thing. Only the person who removes the final cube will see what lies at the heart, which Molyneux has boldly said will "change your life forever."