Attack of the Show and X-Play canceled

Update: TV Guide has confirmed our report, adding details about the show's sunsetting.

It appears NBC Universal's attempt to rebrand G4 as "less geek, more chic" has left some casualties. The network's video game-related programming appears to have been killed as we've learned that both X-Play and Attack of the Show have been canceled today.

Our source hasn't revealed the full details of the cancellation, including when these shows will end. However, tweets discovered by Kotaku seem to corroborate the story. AotS co-host Candace Bailey tweeted that "I'm so fortunate to work with the people I work with everyday."

TV Guide reports that the two shows will "continue to roll out new episodes through December," and that "both shows will take the next two months to wind down with a series of farewell episodes, inviting back favorite guests and former hosts." Will Adam Sessler make a return appearance?

Apparently the network is looking to partner with Esquire magazine as it explores renaming the channel into the likes of "G4Men."