Report: G4 getting 'more sophisticated' look in rebranding

G4 is one of the only cable networks that offers any coverage of video games. And apparently, it will be getting a "brand refresh" early next year.

According to a report by Variety, parent company NBC Universal is aiming to make the network "more sophisticated" by going for a direction "reminiscent of GQ." While the report claims the network will be "less geek, more chic," it also states that the network will somehow remain true to its tech and video gaming roots.

The network's staple offerings include Attack of the Show and X-Play--both tech-oriented shows. Oddly, the network also plays home to Ninja Warrior.

Repositioning G4 will help NBC Universal better compete with other male-oriented cable networks, including Velocity, History, Discovery, A&E, and Spike. The latter also offers video game programming with GameTrailers TV and the annual Spike TV Video Game Awards. A more "upscale" aesthetic could help G4 distinguish itself, Variety reports.

NBC Universal recently rebranded its sci-fi network, changing it from Sci-Fi to Syfy.

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