Primal Carnage brings man vs. dino on Monday

What's that lurking on your computer as Halloween approaches, ready to jump out and gnaw on your nose? Could it be a Frankenstein, a Dracula, or even a Freddy? No, you silly goose, it's a whole load of dinosaurs. Man vs. dino multiplayer shooter Primal Carnage is stampeding onto PC just ahead of that spooky night, publisher Reverb announced, on October 29.

Yes, some fool has gone and brought dinosaurs back, and we all know how that ends: with a bloody good bloodbath. Fortunately, all the dinosaurs are friends with each other. Unfortunately, they're not friendly to people. Each side has a spread of classes, from scientists and novaraptors to commandos and, yes, the tyrannosaurus rex. Hit the official site for more information.

Our Ozzie was pretty pleased when he saw the game in August. Pre-orderers have been let into the beta build so hey, perhaps you've played it and would like to share some thoughts?

Primal Carnage was initially due in late 2010, but it's best not to rush these things. Look, a video showing off the raptor and trapper classes:

BOOM video 13668