'Primal Carnage' Brings Dinosaur vs. Merc Multiplayer

Shacknews editor Chris Faylor's face lit up today upon being introduced to Primal Carnage, a multiplayer class- and objective-based shooter starring honking great dinosaurs, brought to our attention by an announcement that its developer Lukewarm Media has licensed the 'Unigine' engine--star of the world's first DirectX 11 benchmark.


Set in the aftermath of a military experiment gone awry, Primal Carnage pits five classes of mercenaries against five species of dinosaurs in competitive and co-op modes.

'Survival' sees up to five mercenaries fending off AI dinosaur attacks while riding on a train, boat or the like, completing objectives and facing a boss battle at the end. 'Power Grid' meanwhile is Team Fortress 2-style competitive interspecies point-capturing play.

Primal Carnage is slated for release on Windows PC and Linux in the fourth quarter of the year, likely costing around $20 according to lead designer Ashton Andersen.