Star Wars: The Old Republic free-to-play multiplayer limited to 3 PvP missions a week

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be free-to-play before the end of the year, and BioWare has now detailed just what you can expect if you want to explore the galaxy without paying for the privilege. The good news is that one major aspect of TOR, the detailed story, will be completely free for all classes.

Payment starts to come up when you want to run multiplayer missions. You'll get an allotment of three PvP warzone missions a week, three rewarded flashpoints per week, one crew skill, and five revives in the field. If you want to go above that allowance, you can get more by purchasing Cartel Coins. TOR subscribers will already get some Cartel Coins from the start, and those who stay subscribed will get unlimited feature access plus some Cartel Coins to spend freely.

The official site (via PC Gamer) also points out that even making a single purchase will upgrade you to "preferred" status. This lets you sprint, use bank slots, chat and trade, and licenses you to equip purple items.

BioWare has been notably vague about when exactly it will make the F2P switch, but in the meantime has continued producing new content for current subscribers. The company plans on some form of major update every six weeks.