Star Wars: The Old Republic update 1.4 now live

Star Wars: The Old Republic has issued another large-scale game update, as it prepares for its impending free-to-play switch. Update 1.4, otherwise known by the sci-fi camp title "Terror from Beyond," adds a slew of new group content, usability and cosmetic features, and gear.

The titular "Terror from Beyond" is a new Operation, which has players form up in groups to travel to the world of Asation and take on the Gree. A group of Sith Lords known as the Dread Masters are hoping to use the Gree Hypergates to open a portal to some kind of unspeakable horror, which we're pretty sure is the plot of Quake.

The update brings an improved Group Finder to let you join in Operations and Flashpoints and then return straight to your previous location. You'll also get unified colors for your Companions so you all look like a team, new facial expression emotes, and Legendary Dread Guard gear.

BioWare has said that it's still committed to providing regular updates for the game, with a "major update" planned every six weeks. That means we can probably expect the next major update to come alongside the game's new F2P model.