League of Legends announces 'Honor' system

League of Legends has been a big hit in the core MOBA scene, but it can be a little intimidating to newcomers. Fortunately, Riot Games is implementing a new system to encourage players to be nice to each other, which should help take the edge off a bit.

An announcement in the LoL forums (via PC Gamer) revealed the "Honor" system. Starting with the next game update, you'll be able to give helpful summoners a bit of positive feedback as a token of your appreciation. This is a counter-weight to the existing reporting tools for "toxic" players. The team also plans rewards for players with Honor, though it hasn't specified them yet.

"Some players 'skirting' the line between good and bad behavior may decide to lean toward good because Honor exists," said designer Jeffrey Lin. "One of our goals in Team Player Behavior is to ensure that it’s easier to be good than it is to be toxic. For the good players, this is a way for us to celebrate them and reinforce that they are exactly the type of players we want in League of Legends."