Borderlands 2 DLC Season Pass announced

At least four DLC "add-on content campaigns" will be released for Borderlands 2, publisher 2K Games announced today, sold individually or discounted together with a Season Pass. Knowing what you do about Gearbox and the DLC it released for the original Borderlands, would you be happy paying $30 in advance, sight unseen, for $40's worth of DLC for the sequel?

The packs "will each feature several hours of gameplay and introduce new adventures, allies, enemies and environments," 2K explains, which sounds about the same scope as the original's DLC. They'll cost $9.99 apiece, or if you're feeling trusting you can buy the $30 Season Pass.

It's a tricky proposition. If you turn out to adore Borderlands 2 and all its DLC, you've made a tidy saving. If it turns out to be a bit iffy and only one DLC pack or two is worth buying, though, you've stiffed yourself somewhat with reckless enthusiasm. The original Borderlands had a DLC duffer or two, so you'd need to trust that Gearbox has learned from its mistakes.

Gearbox is also working on a new DLC character class, the Mechromancer, which isn't included with the Season Pass. She comes free with pre-orders, and will otherwise be sold separately.

The Season Pass will launch when Borderlands 2 does, on September 18 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The last of the four DLC campaigns should be out by June 2013.