Report: Wii U to launch November 18, claims peripheral manufacturer

Peripheral manufacturer PDP may have accidentally outed the release date of the Wii U. According to reports, a representative from the company told attendees of the GameStop Expo that the Wii U will be available November 18. The date would fall in line with Nintendo's history of releasing new hardware and big software titles prior to Black Friday, the busiest shopping day before the holidays.

The PDP rep was trying to make a point that the company's accessories for Wii U would be ready in time for the console's launch, a source told Kotaku. After he mentioned the date he quickly changed the subject. A poster on NeoGAF reported the same story.

Nintendo launched the original Wii on November 19th and the Gamecube on November 18th. The Nintendo 64 launched on August 20th.

The company is planning a Wii U event on September 13 in New York, where we expect to hear an official date then. We have reached out to Nintendo for comment, and will report if they actually confirm or deny anything.