GameStop Expo 2012 open to the public

For the first time ever, GameStop's annual conference will be open to the public. For years, the expo served as a way for employees to get previews of upcoming games to better sell them to potential customers. With major publishers like Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Activision, and EA attending the expo, it's essentially GameStop's private E3.

Well, it's not private anymore. The company has announced that its 2012 expo will be open to the public--so long as you're carrying a PowerUp Rewards card.

Taking place on August 29th in San Antonio, Texas, the five-hour expo will likely feature many of the games we've been previewing in our ongoing E3 coverage. General admission costs $35, but the company is also offering a $100 VIP pass which includes access to VIP sessions, VIP lines for autographs and signings, and access to the GameStop hospitality room.

While it may not be as a lengthy, massive affair as PAX, it's a rare opportunity for local Texans to get early access to this holiday season's biggest games. It'll be interesting to see if the demand will warrant a repeat for 2013.