BioWare 'doing great' despite missteps, says EA COO

Many have been disappointed in BioWare as of late--from Mass Effect 3's controversial ending, to the poor performance of Star Wars: The Old Republic, to Dragon Age 2's tepid reception. But EA COO Peter Moore says the publisher still has faith in the company.

"They're doing great," Moore told Eurogamer. "You say the last 12-18 months, I think of three things: I think of Star Wars: The Old Republic, I think of what Mass Effect 3 has done and all of the offshoots we've done of that, and then a little bit further back Dragon Age. So from that perspective I think the studio has done great."

He says Mass Effect was "enormous" in terms of sales, and credited BioWare for listening to the fans in regards to the ending controversy. "So the team at BioWare, again, to their credit, said, all right, we're going to stop a few things right now, the team's going to go back and provide some DLC, no charge, to provide more context around what went on there," he said. "We delivered that recently."

For The Old Republic, Moore says the business model has moved on and the studio adapted to it. He pointed out that 40% of the exit interviews cited the subscription fee as a reason for leaving, so they adjusted their expectations based on that. "We're just reacting to consumer feedback by doing that."