Halo 4 multiplayer specializations detailed

Halo 4 is 343 Industries' first take on Microsoft's iconic FPS franchise, and the new team is hoping to shake up the formula with a few new features like Spartan Ops. Of course, fans are curious to find out how multiplayer will change. 343 is introducing "Specializations," essentially a class system to let you tailor your Spartan to your liking.

According to Halo Waypoint, once you've reached the standard level 50 with your Spartan, the 8 classes will let you play for an additional 10 levels per class, gaining cosmetic equipment and a special perk along the way. Only two will be available at launch, while the rest will be unlocked later. Limited Edition purchasers can use all eight from the start. You'll also be able to change load-outs mid-match.

Wetworks is a stealth-based class, which makes you a little less obvious when opponents use Promethian Vision, dampens the sound of your sprint, and makes for faster assassinations. Pioneer grants you an experience boost to level up faster. Those two will be the ones available from launch day for standard edition purchasers.

The Engineer gets advanced notice when an item drop is coming, and an arrow pointing to where it will land. Trackers can essentially re-roll item drops to get a new selection of items. The Rogue lets you snipe enemies without unzooming, and makes your reticule more stable. Stalkers give you a HUD icon to track the last one who killed you. A Pathfinder gets a mod to reduce weapon cool-down and move faster with detached turrets. Operators get a bit of resistance to an EMP pulse on vehicles, and recharge vehicle health faster.

343 hasn't detailed when the 6 other classes will come, or how they'll be unlocked. The game is due November 6.