Report: Medal of Honor: Warfighter pre-orders pack Battlefield 4 beta invite

The existence of a Battlefield 4 is neither a surprise nor a secret, given that it's a hugely successful franchise and EA president Frank Gibeau casually mentioned it in November. What is news is that you'll supposedly score beta access to it by pre-ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter, according to an ad reportedly spotted on Origin then quickly pulled.

The ad, captured by NeoGAF member 'SalsaShark,' appeared over the weekend. EA previously ran a similar offer, including BF3 beta access with the initial MoH reboot's Limited Edition.

The official Battlefield Twitter account responded, "Battlefield 4? If it isn't on Battlefield.com, it isn't official!" then later deleted that remark, PC Gamer reports.

Oh, and that $70 price tag? Fear not, it's the Digital Deluxe Edition. Regular is still $60. Though, of course, we don't yet know whether Battlefield beta access is limited to any particular edition. Or if this actually a real thing. We'll surely see soon, though.