Rockstar Vancouver closing, absorbed by Rockstar Toronto

Rockstar Vancouver is being dismantled, Take-Two Interactive announced today. The 35-person team, best known for its work on Bully, is being offered new positions at Rockstar Games, specifically the expanded Rockstar Toronto studio.

The plan is to bring all of Rockstar's Canadian development talent "together under one roof." In a press release, Rockstar VP Jennifer Kolbe said that "a single Canadian team will make for a powerful creative force on future projects."

A larger, custom-built facility in Oakville, Ontario will house the expanded Rockstar Toronto team. The expansion is being supported by the Ontario government, although financial details are not being divulged. The new Toronto team will be able to offer 50 new jobs as part of this "strategic partnership with the Ontario government."

Both Rockstar Vancouver and Toronto most recently worked on Max Payne 3.