Drop rate of high-end Diablo 3 items increased

A recent hotfix to Diablo III has increased the drop rate of high-end items in Act III of Hell difficulty and beyond, while ensuring that bosses will definitely drop at least one rare item when a player has four-plus stacks of Nephalem Valor.

The new drop-rate percentages were detailed on the Diablo III blog, increasing the drop chance implemented in patch 1.0.3. A couple bugs were also squashed in the hotfix.

In addition, the recent 1.0.3a patch removed the caps on players who purchased a digital copy of the game. The restrictions, which confined players to Act I of the game and a level cap of 13, appeared in the 1.0.3 patch, but were an unintentional side-effect of security measures to ensure against credit card fraud. It was originally reported that players were confined to the Starter Edition of the game, but Blizzard later clarified the report.