Dragon's Dogma to become 'a major franchise'

We were certainly pleased with Dragon's Dogma in our review, and evidently that opinion was common enough for developer and publisher Capcom to commit to turning its console action-RPG into "a major franchise."

Capcom boasts in the announcement that Dragon's Dogma "set a new record in Japan for sales volume of an entirely new brand in its first week for releases during the past decade." It also says it's shipped over one million copies of Dragon's Dogma worldwide, but that's not very useful information without knowing how many were actually sold.

Dragon's Dogma was "developed with the goal of creating another pillar of earnings" alongside Cacpom's other big killfest series, Monster Hunter and Sengoku Basara. The publisher's strategy is to experiment with new games, then turn them into franchises if they take off.

With Dragon's Dogma now becoming a full franchise for Capcom, expect DLC and sequels galore until ideas run dry and all that remains is a hollowed-out husk of its former glory.