Xbox 360 has 'a lot more than two years' left, MS boss says

Although all signs point to a late 2013 launch for the next generation of consoles, Microsoft is attempting to downplay the impending new slate of video gaming hardware. Given Xbox 360's growing momentum, Microsoft sees the platform staying around for quite some time. "Right now the Xbox 360 is really healthy and it's doing incredibly well. I think the 360 has a lot more than two years [left]," Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer said. "It has legs for a long time." Given how successful Xbox 360 is, it's clear that Microsoft is in no hurry to rush this generation. "The nice thing about the Xbox 360 right now is--if you look--we're the number one console globally," Spencer told Gamespot. We're able to bring in new content and still support the best of the core games." However, with new engines being revealed by Epic Games and others, it seems likely that new platforms are launching soon--in spite of what Spencer is saying. It's likely that Xbox 360 will coexist with whatever Microsoft's next system is, much like PlayStation 2 did at the launch of the PS3.

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