38 Studios and Big Huge Games lay off entire staffs

It appears 38 Studios is nearing the end of its very public death march. New reports today confirm that 38 Studios, and its subsidiary Big Huge Games, have laid off their entire staffs. While the closure of any studio is unfortunate, the termination of 38 Studios will have dire consequences for the taxpayers of Rhode Island.

38 Studios and Big Huge Games worked on the recently-released Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Their next project was supposed to be an MMO, codenamed Project Copernicus.

However, it seems unlikely that game will ever see the light of day. Both The Verge and Joystiq have received notices that staffs for both companies have been laid off. Numerous studios have already gone on Twitter with hashtag #38jobs, offering condolences and potential job offers.

Big Huge Games was at risk of closing before 38 Studios acquired the team. Ultimately, the partnership would be short-lived.

It's unfortunate that 38 Studios' last update on their website was entitled "A World Worth Saving." With these recent developments, it seems unlikely that sentiment will come to fruition.