Xenonauts launches Kickstarter with demo

Indie X-COM 'em up Xenonauts is perhaps the closest we'll get to a straight remake of the classic turn-based tactics series, and now developer Goldhawk is now turning to Kickstarter for $50,000 to make it a little better. Unlike many Kickstarters, which simply tell you their idea and hope you're interested, this one's offering a demo so you can play the game before judging deciding whether to chip in.

The Xenonauts Kickstarter explains that the game will still be completed whether the goal is met or not, but would "be better and finished more quickly" with the funding. It's planning to bring its scattered staff together at a new office in London. Goldhawk's been accepting pre-orders for 18 months, but is hoping for an extra jolt of cash.

Pledging $20, the same amount that pre-ordering cost, will get you a Steam or Desura copy of Xenonauts when it launches, plus access to dev builds. For $100 you can get your name into the database of soldier names, or for $200 you can get your face in too.

Download the Kickstarter demo here at Shacknews.