Xbox Live gets new advertising partners

Microsoft is boasting a plethora of new advertising partners today, for 15- and 30-second spots within the new Xbox 360 dashboard that launched in December. The company announced today that it has struck advertising deals with ESPN, GameSpot,, Manga Entertainment, and MUZU.TV.

It's worth noting that many of these advertisers either currently have or will soon have their own dedicated entertainment channels on Xbox Live, so the advertising will probably point users toward those apps. The announcement included word that Xbox Live boasts 40 million active members, and Xbox Live advertising has increased by 142 percent since 2010. It also claims that Gold members in the US spend 84 hours a month on Xbox Live, particularly due to the increased use of entertainment apps.

The Xbox 360's entertainment apps have been steadily growing since launch. Microsoft is targeting its next TV apps to launch sometime this summer.