Legend of Grimrock launching for PC on April 11

Almost Human's shiny Dungeon Master-inspired dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock will be released for PC on April 11, the studio founded by veterans of Remedy and Futuremark announced today. Pre-orders have now opened, with a 20% discount bringing it down to $11.99.

You can pre-order Legend of Grimrock direct from Almost Human, to support the dev more and also get a Steam key, or GOG, where it's naturally DRM-free--and part of GOG's move to sell more newer games. It seems Grimrock won't be sold on Steam until it actually launches, but pre-ordering from Almost Human is clearly the best option for the studio and Steam fans alike.

Pre-orderering will also let you prepare for your adventures, granting instant access to Grimrock's manual, world map, "custom made grid paper to print out for all your mapping needs," music, wallpapers, art, and other jazz.

As the new trailer below shows, you can expect traps, treasure, puzzles and 'orrible monsters as your party of four ventures down through the dungeons and catacombs beneath Mount Grimrock. Check out the official site for more information.