Good Old Games gets more good new games

Good Old Games has been planning for some time to start stocking more new games, having first dipped its toe into the pool with The Witcher 2. Now it's finally starting that move, adding three new games to its catalogue today and queuing up over 20 more. Naturally, expanding beyond simply the old means a new name of sorts for Good Old Games.

Frozenbyte's charming platformer Trine is now available on the DRM-free store for $9.99, adventure game The Whispered World is $14.99, and pre-orders have opened on Legend of Grimrock, discounted to $11.99 ahead of its April 11 launch.

GOG boasts of having "more than 20 great indie and newer games signed on," to be released over "the next few months." Spacechem, Machinarium and Darwinia are teased as coming "soon"

"These games lead the way on our the transition from Good Old Games to simply GOG.com," it explains. "It doesn't matter what G, O, and G stand for, Gee Oh Gee dot com stands for high-quality, DRM-free gaming, each week with bigger and newer games."

It's only a small change, and Good Old Games has been increasingly downplaying its hokey original name anyway. Don't worry though, as GOG's not giving up on old games.

The GOG website has also been jazzed up, with more ways to sort and search your virtual shelves of games, and ever-hip "social integration." The downloader program's updated and faster too.