The Walking Dead: The Game coming to PC, PS3, Xbox, iOS in April

As with Telltale's last effort, Jurassic Park: The Game, The Walking Dead: The Game will be on nearly every platform imaginable. The episodic adventure will begin this April on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, Mac, and iOS.

Unfortunately, Telltale has yet to reveal what the gameplay will be like. We do know it won't be inspired by Super Mario Sunshine. "We don't have a water-based jetpack that you can use in this game," lead designer Jake Rodkin previously joked.

Will The Walking Dead be more in line with Telltale's Sam & Max adventure games? Or will it be a QTE-fest, a la Jurassic Park--which received damning reviews? IGN promises we'll see actual gameplay footage next week. For now, settle for this developer diary:

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