The Walking Dead rising in spring, 'talk show' begins

Telltale had been awfully quiet about The Walking Dead for yonks, but it's finally starting to talk as it winds up to launch the first episode this spring. Today brings the thirteen-minute first episode of a new "talk show" about the game, with lead designers Jake Rodkin and Sean 'Famous' Vanaman introducing the comic book-based horror adventure game series.


The pair start off with how the series sits alongside Robert Kirkman's comic book, kicking off at the time when comic hero Rick was in a coma. Watch the video for more on topics including the dramatic benefits of going episodic, how zombie games tend to feel different to zombie movies, and what happened when Jake told Mario fan Kirkman about liking Super Mario Sunshine.

"We don't have a water-based jetpack that you can use in this game, Robert nixed that," Rodkin joked.

Telltale still isn't saying what exactly The Walking Dead will be released for, saying only "all major gaming platforms" but PC's a safe bet, as are Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3--considering the new 'Playing Dead' talk show will be on XBLA and PSN.