Binding of Isaac blocked by Nintendo due to religious content

Indie game The Binding of Isaac won't be coming to the Nintendo 3DS after all. Indie developer Edmund McMillen says that the game was considered by Nintendo, but was ultimately rejected due to "questionable religious content."

McMillen announced the news in a series of tweets. "Thank GOD Steam exists!" he quipped. In a reply to a fan, he said that Nintendo was "fine with the M rating" and didn't object to some of the heavier content like gore and suggested child nudity. According to his account, it came down to the religious aspect. The game is loosely based on the Biblical story of Isaac and Abraham.

The game always seemed like a long-shot for Nintendo's handheld system. In December, McMillen said that a publisher was "asking Nintendo if they would be OK with Isaac on the 3DS." Nintendo has a long history of being very protective of its family-friendly image. The company likely isn't keen on inviting the ire of religious groups, but it also sets a precedent of blocking controversial content.

Shacknews has contacted Nintendo regarding the rejection, and will update as more information becomes available.