The Binding of Isaac awaiting 3DS approval

Have you bought The Binding of Isaac yet? Indie Jeff has covered Edmund McMillen's dungeon-crawling roguelike quite extensively.

"But Shacknews," you hypothetically say. "I don't have a gaming PC capable of playing this low-tech indie game." To our surprise, you even note that "I'm reading this post from the 3DS web browser." Well, imaginary 3DS fan. You might be able to play The Binding of Isaac on your Nintendo portable.

Speaking on Formspring (via Joystiq), McMillen said that "a publisher I know is currently asking Nintendo if they would be OK with Isaac on the 3DS." Should Nintendo approve the game, the publisher will then begin the porting process.

Unfortunately, if Nintendo doesn't approve the port, it's unlikely we'll ever see Isaac escape to consoles and other platforms. McMillen notes that 3DS is "the only other system you might ever see Isaac on," showing his continued dedication to Nintendo--in spite of never being able to release Super Meat Boy on WiiWare like originally intended.