Mass Effect 3 voice cast revealed in video

As the end of the trilogy, Mass Effect 3 will feature many familiar voices, reprising their roles for Shepard's final mission. Of course Martin Sheen, Seth Green, Tricia Helfer, Carrie-Anne Moss, Keith David, and more are coming back for the sequel. But who's new this time around?

Freddie Prinze, Jr. will play James Vega, "a marine who will help Commander Shepard take Earth back." Oddly, G4 reporter Jessica Chobot will also make an appearance, as new reporter Diana Allers (pictured above).

In addition to the expected babbling about how wonderful the game is, a new promotional video released by EA also highlights how the characters have changed for ME3. EDI, an artificial intelligence introduced in Mass Effect 2, sounds like she will grow quite a bit in the finale.

BOOM video 11711

Mass Effect 3 will be available on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on March 6th.