Star Wars: The Old Republic patch 1.1 enters public testing

Patch 1.1 for Star Wars: The Old Republic has launched on the public test server. While eager beavers can rush in to try it now, the rest of us can be satisfied with the patch notes for now. The first "content update"--not the first patch--brings bug fixes, balance tweaks, a new level 50 Flashpoint, and more.

The patch notes have the full rundown of version 1.1's changes, though no word on when it'll roll out to regular severs.

For raiders, there will be the new level 50 Flashpoint, Kaon Under Siege, while all Flashpoints will give more money from drops and some non-boss Flashpoint monsters have been rebalanced.

On the PvP front, level 50 players will no longer be matched with lower-level players in Warzones, while several changes target the oft-exploited PvP zone Ilum. A number of players have been temporarily suspended or even permanently banned after cheating its objectives for fun and profit.

1.1 also adds a graphics option so simple and commonplace that it's baffling why BioWare didn't include it from the start--anti-aliasing. Players will no longer have to root around in config files to enable the smoothing, as there will be a shiny new option in the preferences menu.

Do check out the full patch notes for the rest.

Our Jeff has been playing The Old Republic, sharing his thoughts as he goes.