The Old Republic 1.0.1 patch fixes 'high-priority bugs'

Star Wars: The Old Republic has gotten its first patch, meant to address "high-priority bugs." At the top of the list, players shouldn't see performance issues on Taris, and pending mission rewards should be delivered correctly.

"We're committed to providing the best possible MMO experience," the update says, "and will continue releasing fixes and updates on a regular basis."

The full list of 1.0.1 patch notes is available, and it's pretty lengthy. Some other standouts include NPCs no longer attempting to fight vanity pets, fixes to UI and volume issues, correcting an issue that would make gathering nodes seem unharvestable, and various fixes to Flashpoints and Operations. One of our favorite fixes comes from the miscellaneous section: "Remaining baby names have been added to the credits."

The game is successful so far, with users racking up hours and characters quickly over the holiday weekend. If you're having trouble getting into a popular server, BioWare suggests you give one of the less popular ones a try.