Hard Reset: Extended Edition announced for UK

Developer Flying Wild Hog's dark cyberpunk shooter Hard Reset is headed to retail in the U.K. next year, in a version that includes a number of extras and improvements. Kalypso Media will publish the Hard Reset: Extended Edition exclusively for Windows PC in March of 2012.


Hard Reset: Extended Edition still focuses on Army vet Major Fletcher as he finds himself in the middle of a futuristic robotic conflict, but adds some more bells and whistles to the proceedings.

For starters, the game's graphics engine has been updated, and a new backstory has been added. Five new levels are being added to the campaign, which the developers estimate amounts to about two more hours worth of content. Four new enemy types and one new boss character, as well as two new levels for the game's 'Survival' mode are also joining the fun. In short, there are quite a few tangible enhancements.

Pricing for Hard Reset: Extended Edition hasn't been revealed, and it's not clear yet as to whether the extended content will eventually be made available in some capacity to Hard Reset players outside the United Kingdom.