Battlefield 3 DLC trailer tours Wake Island

While Battlefield 3 players on PlayStation 3 will be able to play the Back to Karkand downloadable content later today, everyone else will have to wait until December 13. So, until the PlayStation Store updates, and all those stuck until next week, here's a peek at its remake of the classic Battlefield map, Wake Island. War has certainly got a lot more hectic since 1942.

Back to Karkand packs remakes of four vintage Battlefield series maps, vehicles and weapons from Battlefield 2, a new progression track to unlock the new gear, and other gubbins. It's free if you pre-ordered Battlefield 3, but otherwise costs $15 (1200 MSP).

Today also sees the launch of a huge patch for Battlefield 3 on PC, so that's some small comfort.

Battlefield 3 has now sold over eight million copies.

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