Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand assignments explained

Battlefield 3's "Back to Karkand" expansion pack features its own Assignments. As DICE begins winding up to launch the DLC, it has detailed the new persistent progression tracks and their rewards.

For those afraid of words, though, it's also showing off a slice of gameplay from the new "Strike at Karkand," one of four classic Battlefield series map remakes in the pack.

The Assignments are a set of ten challenges which unlock new Back to Karkand weapons and dog tags. DICE gives the example of "Let It Rain," which tasks players with racking up 20 light machine gun kills and two with mortars, and offers the QBB-95 rifle as reward. Then you get a new assignment to complete.

Assignment progress is tracked across both the base game and Back to Karkand maps, and unlocked Karkand weapons can be used in both too.

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Back to Karkand is slated to launch in December, and it will hit PlayStation 3 a week earlier than other platforms. It's free if you pre-ordered Battlefield 3, but otherwise you'll have to cough up $15 (1,200 Microsoft Points).