Remedy confirms, defends Alan Wake XBLA sequel

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed rumors from May that the sequel to Alan Wake will be an Xbox Live Arcade title. Not all players are pleased, though, and the company is already taking steps to defend its decision against some critical fans.

The official announcement came from the series Facebook page, just after the Spike VGAs announced that the game would debut at this year's awards. The rumored title, "Alan Wake: Night Springs," hasn't been confirmed, but it seems likely considering that other parts of the rumors panned out.

But Eurogamer reports that Remedy almost immediately had to respond to fan complaints. In one forum post, community manager Peter Papadopoulos assures fans that it is "structured like a full release complete with a pretty damn impressive storyline that expands the originals in some interesting ways." In another, he says a fan is "assuming a lot" by its platform.

Outrage is nothing new on the internet, and a fairly small set of fans seem to be complaining. Remedy advises waiting until we see the official announcement to judge, which should hopefully put some minds at ease.

[Screenshot from the original Alan Wake.]