Rumor: Alan Wake returns in 'Night Springs'

If the rumor is true, Alan Wake's next adventure will be an Xbox Live Arcade title, dubbed "Alan Wake: Night Springs." XBLAFans reports a source has shared details and screenshots for the downloadable title in the Alan Wake franchise--though its source requested the screens not be shared.

According to the site, this same informant outed the recently announced Monolith downloadable title Gotham City Impostors several months ago.

Night Springs is the name of the television series that appeared in Alan Wake. At one point in the game, Alan Wake mentions he had once written for the Twilight Zone-style program.

While Rememdy is not commenting on the rumor, the developer's Head of Franchise Development recently stated that Alan Wake would return in a new game; however, the new title would not be a sequel or downloadable content for the original title.

[Thanks, jbug617]

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