Unreal Engine 3 coming to Adobe Flash

Along with consoles, handhelds, and toasters around the world, support for the Unreal Engine 3 has been added to Adobe's Flash Player. During his keynote at Adobe MAX 2011, Epic Games founder, CEO, and technical director Tim Sweeney presented attendees with UE3 running inside of a Flash-based environment.

During his talk, Sweeney showcased Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 running in real-time using Adobe Flash Player 11, which launched yesterday.

In a press release following the presentation, Epic noted that Adobe's Flash Player is "a key technology for gaming on social networks and the web." Promising that Flash's new support for Unreal Engine 3 will "usher in the leap from simplistic 2D game experiences to world-class 3D gaming on the Web," Epic says that developers now have the ability to animate "millions of objects with smooth 60 frames per second" to deliver users "console-quality games" on a multitude of platforms that support Flash.

The announcement says licensees will gain access to these new features. Visit Epic's official site for images of Unreal Tournament 3 running in the Flash environment.