Scrolls release plan to mimic that of Minecraft

Developer Mojang Specifications has revealed that its next title, Scrolls, will follow the same staggered release plan of its runaway hit, Minecraft.


Mojang's Daniel Kaplan announced the plans to attendees of Gamelab 2011 in Barcelona (via Gamasutra), noting that Scrolls will be released "very early," and will see regular patches and updates until it is considered finished. Minecraft is still undergoing a number of updates, including a recently revealed update that will put a new adventure game tilt on the experience.

Although the sandbox, building game Minecraft was "by and large created by one developer, Markus Persson," Mojang was formed to work on a new title and complete Minecraft's development. The company recently expressed interest in publishing projects from other, smaller independent developers.

According to Kaplan, Scrolls is being developed by a team of five members at Mojang.

During Microsoft's E3 2011 media briefing, the company revealed Minecraft would come to the Xbox 360 with Kinect support.