Minecraft dev hoping to publish indies

Mojang Specifications is looking into co-publishing other developers' indie games, the Minecraft developer's business development director Daniel Kaplan has told GamesIndustry.biz.

"We are in a great spot right now, we can basically do whatever we want to. The hardest thing for us right now is to say 'no' to all the deals we're being offered," Kaplan explained.

"There are tonnes of opportunities out there for us right now. But we have to wait it out and figure out what's the best thing for us to do." Everyone from hardware manufacturers to ad networks is interested in working with the company.

"We're looking into publishing our own games too though, bringing indie games under our own brand," he said. "We're still having to figure out how that's going to work out."

Kaplain added that "we hope to have something out this fall at least, some co-published games."

Mojang announced its second game, Scrolls, in March. It'll combine board game and collectible card game, selling digital 'booster packs.' Work on the hugely successful Minecraft still continues, with Mojang aiming for an official release on November 11. This event could be celebrated with MinecraftCon 2011, a big knees-up in Las Vegas.