Team Fortress 2 'Uber' Soldier content detailed

Today's look at the upcoming Team Fortress 2 'Uber' update focuses on the Soldier class, showing off "not one, not three, but two Soldier class packs" for the gruff class.

Revealed on the game's official blog, the Soldier will earn two updates: The General's Formals and the Airborne Armaments pack--which you can spot in this fancy World War Wednesday poster art.

    The General's Formals pack

  • 'The Mantreads' boots offer a -75% reduction in push force taken from damage and deals 3x falling damage to the player you land on

  • 'The Disciplinary Action' riding crop reduces damage dealt by -25% but boosts ally and personal speed when hitting a player on the same team

  • 'The Liberty Launcher' weapon has a -25% clip size and a +40% projectile speed

    Airborne Armaments pack

  • 'The Reserve Shooter' shotgun with +15% weapon switch speed, mini-crits airborne targets for 3 seconds after switch and -50% clip size

  • 'The Market Gardener' shovel that deal crits while the wielder is rocket jumping, but cannot achieve random crits

Hidden is yesterday's update was a look at changes coming to the Scout class, which includes three additions:

    The #1 Fan pack

  • 'The Soda Popper' scattergun that earns +25% faster reload speed and +50% faster firing speed, -60% clip size, features no random crits but builds 'hype' has players run around, unleashing mini-crits when the 'hype' meter is full

  • 'The Atomizer' bat that grants players a triple jump, which deals 10 damage, has -30% firing speed and does -20% damage

  • 'The Winger' pistol that hits for +15% more damage but has a -60% smaller clip size

The Team Fortress 2 'Uber' update, along with a 'Meet the Medic' short, is due tomorrow.