Classic EA games added to GOG library

Classic game connoisseurs will undoubtedly appreciate Good Old Games' latest announcement. Starting today, the digital distribution service will be releasing more than 25 games from EA's catalog, with Wing Commander: Privateer, Dungeon Keeper and Ultima Underworld 1+2 being the first games out of the gate. All three are available for $5.99 each.

Other games to get GOG's "revival treatment" include Crusader: No Remorse, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Magic Carpet. These games will be available by the end of June, with future titles planned for the coming months.

Unfortunately, today's announcement doesn't include some noteworthy games, like System Shock or Syndicate. According to GOG, those franchises are "a huge legal puzzle." Undoubtedly, many GOG fans are eager the company can somehow sort those issues.