SpyParty early beta sign-ups begin


As everyone knows, the best parties come with deception and murder. SpyParty is no exception, and soon players will be able to try their own hand at blending in and sniffing out covert agents when the early-access beta launches. Sign-ups began today, and the beta will roll out in phases over the next few months as creator Chris Hecker scales the servers to match.

If all this talk of spies and parties confuses and enrages you, here's a quick primer: SpyParty is a two-player shooter in which one sniper player tries to detect which party-goer is a spy, played by a real human being. The spy will be completing his own missions, but trying to blend in and act like an AI character. Think Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer, but with a bit more subtlety and significantly less stabbing.

A word of caution for cheapskates, though: this is a paid beta, and once your invite comes in the mail you'll have to shell out $15 to participate. Like Minecraft, supporting SpyParty in this early stage gets you beta access and a copy of the full game once it releases. Hecker notes that while plans may change, $15 is the current set price point. He also notes that it's Windows PC-only right now, but has low system requirements.