Catherine 'Love is Dead' edition packs pants

Given how bizarre Atlus's story-heavy puzzle-platformer Catherine is, the announcement of an equally strange deluxe edition should come as no surprise. Yet, somehow, it still does.


The $79.99 'Love Is Dead' edition of Catherine will be packaged into a pizza box 'from' the in-game bar Stray Sheep, containing other curious gubbins blending game and reality. You'll receive:

A pair of polka dot boxers like the ones worn by Vincent during his manic nightmares, Vincent's "Empty Hearts" T-shirt worn by Catherine in the game, and a pillow case decorated with an alluring image of Catherine, a nod to the pillow tucked under Vincent's arm as he frantically races to escape the terrors that pursue him.

Just what you've always wanted, no?

If you don't fancy coughing up an extra $20 for Catherine goodies, however, Atlus is offering pre-order bonuses with either edition. Slapping your cash down in advance will get you a 36-page art book filled with character designs, along with a soundtrack CD of 11 remixed tracks.

Catherine is scheduled to launch for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on July 26.