Rumor: Nintendo dropping Wii price to $150

Nintendo may be looking to spur on sales of its little white motion-controlled console, according to Engadget. A "trusted source" claims the Wii will drop to $150 starting on May 15, a full $50 off the current hardware price.

The Wii hasn't been the wunderkind it once was, and has been partially attributed to Nintendo's declining profits. The DS has been in decline as well, but more understandably with the 3DS preparing to launch. The Wii doesn't have a known successor, so a price drop might be enough to spur hesitant shoppers.

May 15 is only a few weeks before E3, and a price drop seems like just the type of announcement that would fit into its stage presentation. But then again, a price drop could nicely lay the groundwork for the announcement of Nintendo's next console. Take this rumor with a grain of salt for now, but you might want to hold off on spending that $200 on a Wii just to be on the safe side.