Super Meat Boy sells about 600K units

The dynamic developer duo that is Team Meat (Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes) has revealed that their punishing downloadable hit, Super Meat Boy, has sold roughly six-hundred thousand units through Steam and Xbox Live Arcade since launch.

In an interview with handheld gaming site Pocketful of Megabytes, McMillen and Refenes reveal some interesting tidbits about bringing Super Meat Boy to market, and hint at their future development plans.


While Team Meat wasn't at liberty to disclose specific sales numbers, McMillen noted that the game was selling better on Steam than on Xbox Live Arcade. "Just overall, we’re approaching 400,000 [on Steam]," Refenes confirmed.

The two developers attribute a good deal of the Steam success to the incredibly successful holiday sale at the end of last year, which also coincided with a couple of Steam promotions. "We were actually one of the top selling games of the holiday sales, so they gave us double promotion time for it," said McMillen.

It's also looking like Team Meat's next endeavor (whatever that may be) will likely be another digital release. Registering as 3DS developers is something Team Meat is pursuing, though they're more interested in the 3DSWare side of things, than packaged retail goods.

"It's definitely an avenue that's more appealing to us, because you don't have to answer to as many people," explained McMillen. "The smaller amount of people you have to answer to, the better. So I don’t know what we'll do, but I think we’ll probably try out the downloadable service if we go that direction."

Of course, extra content for Super Meat Boy has already started rolling out for the PC version via "Teh Internets," and McMillen and Refenes still have plans to bring that extra content to the XBLA version for quite a while. However, when it's all said and done, McMillen also noted that the PC version will end up with more total content, because the upcoming level-editor will automate the process of allowing users to add their own levels.

"I think we'll support it as long as people are playing it. At least a year," McMillen assured. "For us, at this point I don't foresee myself making full chapters (maybe like one or two by the end of the year) so we're mostly relying on other developers, and I already have two full chapters that are made by different users in our forums. They're quite amazing, and I want to space those out across several months."