The Riddler goes 'Jigsaw crazy' in Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham City

Rather than have his exploits remain off screen as they did in Batman's previous Rocksteady-developed title, The Riddler is a featured villain in the sequel Batman: Arkham City. However, it's not enough for Edward Nigma to simply appear in the game, as Rocksteady has opted to turn his various puzzles into a life or death scenario. In the demo shown at GDC 2011, we spotted a woman chained up to an intricate trap of spinning blades as The Riddler explained he would be upping the ante in the Dark Knight's latest adventure. Essentially, The Riddler has been transformed into Jigsaw--the killer from the Saw film series--putting innocent lives at risk if Batman fails to solve his scattered mysteries.

Edward Nigma (AKA The Riddler) goes mad in Batman: Arkham City

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has not provided the footage of The Riddler's evil plan in action; however, three images of the redesigned villain have been released. Make no mistake, The Riddler has dipped into psycho territory and is completely confident in staining his green get-up with fresh coats of innocent red blood. "If you're a big Riddler fan, I think you're going to love the depths that we're going to go in with his particular story, but for us we were asking ourselves "What would these villains do in a place like Arkham City?'" Rocksteady's Dax Ginn told Shacknews in a removed excerpt of a recent interview. "Riddler isn't about gathering power or bringing thugs into his gang. He's about toying with Batman, baiting him. Taunting him in a way that intellectually challenges Batman. For Riddler fans, I think the Riddler component of the game is really going to satisfy them."