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By Garnett Lee, Jan 17, 2011 5:00pm PST Despite a pretty exhausting travel itinerary, I'm pretty excited for the quick trip to New York to finally get a chance to really play with a 3DS. On Wednesday, Nintendo promises to reveal its plans for unleashing the new handheld outside Japan at press events in New York and Amsterdam. From what I've heard so far there's not going to be an embargo so I'll be writing impressions from the event as quickly as possible. I'm very curious to see how the hardware holds up to closer inspection, with games to play, and whether it measures up to the to be announced (we hope) price.

Here's the video game news of the day from the Shack to tide you over while you wait:

And a couple random cool things from around the Net:

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  • Per my post a couple days ago: http://www.shacknews.com/laryn.x?id=25021809

    I decided to pull the trigger on a Das Keyboard Professional Silent or whatever (it has Cherry MX Brown switches) as that was cheaper than the brown switch filco keyboard...and I'd like to give the brown switches a try and I like the layout better than the one on my blackwidow. I found one for a lot less than the Filco and I figure if I don't like I can't keep using my blackwidow and give it to my mom who's keyboard is on its last legs or somebody else if she doesn't like it...and if I do like it...thats even better. If I don't like it, then down the road I could get a Leopold when elitekeyboards gets those in with blue switches (they feel a little heavy...but I wouldn't mind with a layout I liked better...I really don't like the non standard alignment of the function keys and the damned macro keys on the side...its also a pain to find the ESC key in games). I like the overall dimensions of the Das as well...it seems closer to my old Mitsumi than either the Filco or my current Blackwidow.